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This week brought Google’s long-feared announcement that it will euthanize Google Reader, which will cease July 1. Some are interpreting the move as a death knell for RSS. And indeed, where RSS (and Atom) used to be the only widely-used, machine-readable feed infrastructure for Internet content,…

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With the open, federated web, when you follow me, you follow me from wherever you are, wherever I am.

Superfeedr : Users don’t care

We sincerely hope WebIntents become ubiquitous, supported by all modern browsers, as well as by all web application makers. They’re links 2.0, and the faster we get there, the better for the web!

Superfeedr : WebIntents are links 2.0

These three people went on a campaign to plant a meme about RSS that I still hear about every day, usually in the form of a well-intentioned person saying that RSS isn’t you-know-what. Every time this happens I put a pin in virtual voodoo dolls of each of their spirits, esp since two of them are former friends. For some reason they decided to put this bell around RSS’s neck. Their idea worked. It didn’t hurt RSS, it just gave it a smell that isn’t very nice.

Scripting News: Death in the news

Genestoux gave us 250 invites for our readers. Just click here to download the Chrome plugin and claim yours (note: the download will immediately start after you click on the link).

Let The News Find You: Msgboy Reads the Web For You In Real Time [Invites] | TechCrunch

Search is limited by what we can ask it. In the future, the information revolving around your interests finds you.

…on limitations of search | Om Malik

Because when I would spend my time flinging zingers at Matt Mullenweg about the merits of Movable Type vs. WordPress, you know who was winning? Mark Fucking Zuckerberg. Facebook won the blogging wars. The web became a more closed place than if either Movable Type or WordPress had evolved into the tool that powered social networking.

Readability, Instapaper, the Network and the Price we Pay - Anil Dash

On RSS Nobody, as far as we can tell, is 100 percent satisfied with their RSS Reader. Patricia Sauthoff was trying to get used to the Google Reader redesign. Zach Seward, epic news junkie, was daunted by the number of articles he’d face. And Jake Dobkin recounted his daily struggle with his RSS feed as if it were a battle he fought daily, part of the long war against the news: “wading into the cesspool” with “pure disgust and horror.” Don’t worry, we’re here to help :)

Since its launch, I’ve been using msgboy more and more. It has somehow taken down my productivity down a notch. The last product to do so was Facebook, I think, so you’ve got quite the achievement here. Its awesome.

Issue #13: Feedback · superfeedr/msgboy

I’m not going to willfully put my writing in spaces that I have no control over

Scripting News: Before I use Branch